David Koz and Kscott are joined on the Quit Trip’n radio show by their very first “repeat offender”, AND craft world superstar, Heidi Swapp. Who is accompanied by a very special individual, her daughter, Quincey Swapp. The Swapp family experienced a tragedy 19 months ago, when they lost a son and brother who unfortunately passed away of suicide. But this family, with the Help of David Koz are showing incredible determination to help parents as well as other adults connect and build better relationships with teens and young adults. This rock solid team, discuss their upcoming event “Be a First Responder” taking place on March 15, 2017, With the help of the Utah Fire Department. “It’s not about Suicide, it’s not about Death, it’s not about the extreme things, it’s about connection.” Says David and Heidi in regards to the upcoming event. The Conversation continues when the team takes calls, and gives suggestions and ideas to the listeners, referring to relationships. The rest of the conversation can be heard on the ESPN 700 Quit Trip’n After Party.


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